Friday, October 11, 2013

You can NOT make this sh*t up!!

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while...I had my baby!!!  A beautiful, sweet little girl named Emily.  She was born just over two and a half weeks ago.  Like everything else in my life this event was NOT drama free.  I had some complications and needed surgery the other day.  I will most likely need to have another surgery in another week or so.  I promise to blog about it in the next few days and trust me it will be a good are just a few samples of what you are in for...the doctor on call was a twenty something Asian whose God given name was Romeo.  I sh*t you not!!  My anesthesiologist could not for the life of him figure out the simple sliding door into my room...I had to call out to him from the other side of the door instructing him on how to open it and I lost my sh*t on some poor med student.  I am almost certain he has quit medicine all together and is now working at The Gap, oh, and I get to have this not so awesome vacuum attached to my stomach collecting bodily fluids in a canister that I carry around in a fanny pack....all that and more!! 

Stay tuned...

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