Thursday, November 8, 2012

The world according to Anna

Anna talks all day long and I could listen to her all day long.  She cracks me up and is one funny little kid.  She has a wicked sense of humor for someone so young, but the stuff she says when she isn't trying to be funny that is her best material.  Here are some of her latest examples...

*Anna mispronounces the word litter.  She calls it glitter.  On Mondays we go for a walk around the block before her playgroup starts.  There is a lot of litter on that block.  Each week she is stunned by it.  Stunned!  "Oh Mommy!  LOOK!  Someone glittered!  There is glitter everywhere!  That isn't nice to throw glitter.  Who would throw glitter on the ground?  Mommy, it is probably the teenage boys....teenage boys love to throw glitter out.  Mommy, why do the teenage boys like to throw glitter?"

Now there is a tiny little back story about placing the blame on the teenage boys...and it may just be my fault.  Actually, it is entirely my fault.  One time a few years back Sara and I were in a parking lot and there was a takeout container dropped on the ground.  Sara asked a million questions about it; why was it there?  how did it get there? how long had it been there?  I got tired of the questions and I just absentmindedly made something up and said it must have been teenage boys.  Well it stuck with her and she passed the urban legend about the teenage boys along to her little sister.  Now Anna and Sara blame all the world's ills on the poor teenage boys.  Graffiti...teenage boys.  Broken window...teenage boys.  A shopping cart not properly corralled in the cart return...teenage boys.  Right or wrong I go with it.  I am thinking long term this may be to my benefit.  They are going to have such and aversion to teenage boys that when they are preteens and are supposed to be interested in them they will dismiss them as insignificant hooligans.   Little did I know on that night a few years back I was laying the ground work to save Chuck and I many sleepless nights fretting over our girls becoming interested in boys.  You're welcome Chuck!

Back to Anna and her funny ways....

Anna likes to pretend she is a kitty.  She will put on some kitty ears and crawl around meowing.  She really gets into it, but, fortunately for me she always reassures me that she is not a real cat...she is still Anna, just pretending.  Every single time I get the reminder as if I may actually think she is really a cat.

Her problem solving skills are second to none.  Sara always wants to play with her and Anna wants to play too but never wants to play what Sara wants.  So she will say, "OK Sara, we can play animals for a really long time and then we will play dress up for a little bit."  So they play animals for a really long time and then when Sara says they have to play dress up now Anna backs out of the deal.  Sara falls for this EVERY TIME!! This is a daily occurrence in our house.  Oh!, and another funny thing Anna does to Sara (though I am sure Sara will not agree it is funny) Anna will ask if she wants to play or do something and Sara will say "no".  Anna then will say, "Oh, good you want to play"...Sara gets pissed and reminds her she said no and Anna will go on and on saying "you said yes, I heard you.  Mommy Sara wants to play with me..she told me she did."  Sara gets PISSED and Anna just keeps egging her on with a straight face the whole time.  Again, Sara falls for this everyday.

Anna is going to be 3 in a few weeks and I keep saying I can't believe how big she is getting.  She sweetly comes over and asks me if I miss my Anna baby...

Every night before bed I tell her that there are so many kids in the world but I have the best two kids and that I am so lucky to be her mom and every night she responds with, "I am so lucky to be an Anna"...not "I am so lucky to be YOUR Anna"...just "an Anna".  It cracks me up every night.  And yes, I miss my Anna baby!!!

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