Monday, April 22, 2013

Random things heard around the house....

**disclaimer***  some of these things may have come out of my mouth...

--  "If we have a baby brother that would be AWESOME!!!  A baby sister...meh."  For the baby's sake I sure hope it is a will be a LONG life with 2 sisters not thrilled about your joining the family.

--  "No putting soap in your sister's butt crack!"

--  "Mom I think sometimes you just tell us that the news says to stay in the house because you don't want to take us out to play."  Oh, they know me so well...I have done that in the past when it was too cold, snowy or just pure laziness on my part.  But the ONE time I am telling the truth they call me out on it.

--  "Mom, does that guy want to go to jail?"  "No, he doesn't."  "Then why is he doing all these bad things?"  That one I had no answer for...couldn't even make something up...

--  "Until you are able to wipe your own butt you are not allowed to eat blueberries."

--  "I thought you said corn poops were the worst?  Does this mean I can't eat corn either?"  (said in response to me muttering under my breath about how gross blueberry poops are).

-- "Mom, how big is the baby now?"  I show her about the size of a small ball.  "If the baby is so small why is your belly so big?"

--  I was in the dressing room at the maternity store.  I tried on this floral, pastel shirt with "wings" attaching the sleeves to the waist...not a good look for me.  The girls said they loved it and asked if I was getting it.  I told them no.  They asked why.  I said because it made me look fat.  Anna looked at me and said with the honestly and confusion that only a 3 year old can pull off, "but mommy, you ARE fat."

--  When I asked Anna why she doesn't ever wipe her own butt she said, "wiping butts is gross...I don't want to touch pee or poop...that is why I have you do it."

--  "Mom, when the new baby comes if it has a booger in it's nose I can pick it for them.  I am good at picking noses."

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