Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Breaking My Silence....the Next Chapter...

So it has been a while since I have written anything on my blog.  I apologize, but I have been sick, really sick.  No worries is all for a good reason...I am having another BABY!!!  I am almost certain that many of my faithful readers just let out a collective "ooops!"...that this must have been a complete surprise....but that is so far from the truth.  Believe it or not, but Chuck and I have wanted another child for a couple of years now and we are so happy to announce that we are just over 14 weeks pregnant!!!

I have been laying low for a while now because I have been SO sick.  I have literally been doing nothing around the house.  The girls and I usually do "play, chores, play" each is exactly what it sounds like, a little playing, some chores and back to playing (thanks for the great idea Dawn G.!) that way I am able to keep on top of the housework.  Yeah, I can honestly say I have not done any chores in a good 9 weeks.  Chuck will gladly vouch for me on that one and if you saw my house you would know that I was being truthful.  I have stopped grocery shopping too.  I am going through Market Basket withdrawals...I miss my weekly dose of crazy but I am really taking it easy with this pregnancy (I am 40 years old now...something that was totally thrown in my face when I was required to meet with a genetic counselor a few weeks back due to my "advanced maternal age"...that was an interesting experience that I will share in another post)...Chuck has been handling the grocery shopping and pretty much everything else that needs to get done.  Thanks Babe!!  The blog took a backseat too..for one I haven't been able to focus on the computer without puking and two, I was nervous I would let the news slip.

So back to the sickness...I have been nauseous around the clock since about week 4.  I take that back...I get a break every night from about 11 p.m. to 3 a.m.  That is the only time I get a break...that is the only time I am able to eat and keep anything down.  The caveat  is the whole family is asleep at that time so I can't really cook anything so my choices overnight are not the healthiest...Chuck loves getting up in the morning, walking in the kitchen and seeing the carnage left over...cups everywhere, plates, food wrappers etc., etc.

I always thought I was raising my girls to care about the world and people around them...I have failed as their mother.  Turns out they are the LEAST compassionate people on the planet.  In addition to the constant nausea I have been vomiting... A LOT!!  The fist couple of times they were curious as to what was happening with me.  I told them I had the stomach bug.  Then the compassion fatigue set in..."Mom, just keep your mouth closed and stop puking!"...while I was mid puke in the bathroom Anna walks in and disgustedly says, "flush the toilet!  That's gross!"...really?  How about you not walk in the bathroom and actually give me a minute to myself.  I find it fascinating that she is grossed out by me.  This is the same girl that earlier in the morning that said no as she wiped a huge booger on her shirt right after I asked her if she needed a tissue.  And she finds me offensive?

I believe in not announcing my pregnancies until after 12 weeks.  Everyone is different but that is what I am comfortable with.  There is one problem with that.  At about 6-7 weeks along I start to show.  A Lot.  Remember back to a previous post when I said that while pregnant I look like a VW Bug tipped upright?  Yeah, I wasn't kidding.  I get huge...epically so.  I stayed away from family and friends until I was able to safely announce my news.  I did however need to go to work.  I did everything under the sun to get the attention off of my belly...I went heavy on the make-up doing a smokey eye that Olivia and Tracy from Jerseylicious would be proud of.  One day I wore red lipstick to draw attention off of my midsection...I wore a diamond necklace to work one day for the same reason...that day one of the girls I work with commented on how great I looked after my weight loss.  Thank-you....I have been working hard.  It was so hard to say that with a straight face because at that point I had already put 12 pounds back on.  I think the sparkly necklace had a hypnotic quality..."you don't see my don't see my belly..."  I was running out of distractions...Chuck proposed I start dressing "Goth"...thankfully I made it to the 2nd trimester and I am able to finally share my news!!  No need for black lipstick now.

I have started to feel slightly more human the past 2 days so I decided to break my silence.  For those of you that have been pregnant before knows that everyday is like a science experiment...and of course I am no different.  I think I may write my own pregnancy book, "What to REALLY Expect When Expecting."  Or at least write a blog entry along those lines...stay tuned!!

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