Monday, July 9, 2012

Mama said knock you out...

To truly appreciate this post please read this blog while you hum the Rocky theme song to yourself.

In this corner at 4 years 8 months old weighing in at 33 pounds we have Sara Sweetheart.  In the other corner we have her 2 years 7 months old weighing in at a solid 30 pounds we have Anna the Destructor. I will be playing the role as the referee...

The two of them are usually thick as thieves, play well together and really look out for each other.  They are the best of friends.  But lately Anna has these fits when she turns into a 30 pound ball of rage.  She gets an idea in her head of what she wants and if Sara does not immediately concede and give in Anna turns into a pit bull and will not back down.  Fortunately for all of us Anna declares her intentions before acting on them.  It may only be a split second but we have tiny bit of a head start..."I am going to hit you"  she is usually heard uttering right before decking Sara.   Then she proceeds to pummel Sara as I try to pry her little meat-mit hands off of her sister.  In my last post I told you all about the fight when I had Sara run into my room and lock the door.  Well tonight it was worse.  Oh yes my friends...Anna knew what she wanted and was not stopping until she got it...

What is it that she wanted? A green bucket that Sara had on her head.  They were in the tub together having a great time laughing, singing and being silly.  Then I heard it..."I am going to hit you"...I jumped up faster than I thought humanly possible.  I run in the bathroom and I see Anna trying to pull the bucket off Sara's head...Sara is losing her grip and is about to go under the water.  I am trying to pull Anna off of Sara but trying to grab a soapy toddler out of a tub is about as easy as being on Weight Watchers and leaving a Hershey Bar on the table.  Ain't gonna happen.  I am screaming at Anna telling her to let go, she is going to kill her sister.  She is yelling back at me that I am the baddest mommy ever.  Of course all the windows were open.  Thank God our neighbors are elderly and this all fell on deaf ears...literally...if not I can just imagine what someone passing by would think was happening inside our house....if they were of the hearing kind I bet we would have had a visit from the state.  Yeah, it was that ridiculous.

We have tried to tell Sara it is OK for her to hit her sister back if she is getting attacked.  That she would not get in trouble.  Sara did actually "hit" Anna back the other day...if you want to call it that.  It was more of wimpy know the kind when boys are trying to imitate a girl hitting.  Well, that just infuriated Anna more.  If you know them in person you can probably imagine the scene.  If not let me paint a little picture for you of how I envision my children on a Friday night about 12 to 13 years from now...Sara will be home studying for a test that is scheduled in a month's time.  At the same time I will be getting a call to go pick up Anna who undoubtedly will have snuck out to hang out behind the Vo-Tech and will be found smoking and drinking while some boy holds her legs up in a keg stand.  Anna is forever pushing the limits and Sara never breaks a rule.  Sometimes we wish she would just break one rule...just once, just so she can live a little.  Maybe color outside the lines of her coloring book?  cut in line? tell a lie?...something!  But those are there little personalities and for better or worse we need to find ways to deal with them.

We have no idea where Anna's rage is coming from.  She has a pretty easy life.  Gets up in the morning, has 1st breakfast, watches a little TV and then she gets to play ALL DAY LONG!!!  Not much stress there.  Chuck and I have never hit her, we don't believe in it as a form of discipline and the kids that she does have playdates with are all good kids...they aren't the fighting kind.  So this is all a mystery to me.  I have no idea how to solve it.  If it were the reverse and the older kid was picking on the younger that would make a little more sense and I would have some clue as to what to do.  But, like all aspects of parenting I am realizing more and more I HAVE NO CLUE!!

To top off the battle royale part deux I have been woken up at 2 a.m. the past couple of days.  Sara has had night terrors again?  Ya think?  We make her sleep in the bunk above her nemesis every night.  Of course she will wake up in a cold sweat.

Also, it was a beautiful day and I really was antsy to get outside.  But wasn't happening.  Anna had the "runs" today.  But she is still in diapers and really didn't "run" anywhere.  She is not interested in being civilized...loves her diapers and has not intention of getting out of them anytime soon.  So she would just poop whereever she was and if I had the audacity to ask her if she had a poop she would say in a very angry tone that she didn't want to talk about it.  Yeah...well we didn't want to smell it Anna...Wiping crap off someone else's back as they call you the worst mommy ever is everything I had imagined motherhood to be.

 I swear I should write a book called "What to Really Expect When Expecting" because I think I  missed this chapter.

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  1. Another gem! I don't get the physical stuff either, but my almost-3-year old is way more aggressive and demonstrative than her brother ever was. When she hits him he just looks at me like, "doesn't she know we don't hit?" and seems as perplexed as I am.