Monday, July 16, 2012

Rolling in the Deep

I usually do not get heavy with my blog posts...I don't get philosophical or wax poetic.  BUT....I am going there tonight my friends.  I am going to pose a question to you and I want you to really think about it.  Truly sit with it for a while and really think about it.

Here goes...

If you work hard to keep your house neat, organized and clean and no one notices, is your house really clean?


  1. It's clean for you and thats all that matters. I go through that battle every day, always goes unnoticed..

  2. Self satisfaction and pride is under rated!! If it makes you happy, it's worth the work!!


  3. well since I only clean my house when i am having company does that count lol. I make my kids do chores haha yours are too small but i dont clean bathrooms or vac they do it haha. When i am having company i think i need show i am not a complete slob so i clean clean myself but hey we are an everyday family we work and kids make mess's my house is picked up for the most part but i dont live in a museum nor do i want to!!! Dont sweat the small stuff Erin the kids will not be small forever and the tornados will subside :)

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