Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Forget all my epic parenting about an epic parenting win?!

OK, so I know I am always writing about the "mis"adventures in my parenting journey.  I have never claimed to be the perfect mom, quite the opposite in fact.  I let Sara watch The Middle, we sometimes have dessert for breakfast, we watch Naked and Afraid and giggle every time we see the butts and I may encourage bathroom talk from time to time when I make up songs about Emily's poop.  But, believe it or not, I do give a lot of thought about what life lessons I want my children to learn.  In a nut shell I want them to be strong, independent women that care about people and the world around them.  I try hard to teach by example.  A few of the biggest things I want them to learn is that 1) It doesn't matter what color someone's skin is, what shape or size they are or what language they speak as long as someone is nice on the inside is all that matters.  I never know how much they are taking in, but apparently some of it is sinking in...2)surround yourself with the people that treat you nice and make you the happiest, no matter who they are.

The other day Sara was watching one of her mind-numbingly corny Disney shows.  I can't tell you if it were Jessie, Dog with a Blog or Good Luck Charlie...they are all insanely annoying, though, I have to admit I did get a little misty eyed at the series finally of Good Luck Charlie.  Anyway, Sara was telling me what was going on.  There were 4 boys all sitting at the table together (3 white and 1 black) and I guess one of them liked one of the girls.  I had no idea who was who so she said, "the one with the glasses".  The thing is the one with the glasses was also the one black teenager.  Now, I'm not naive in thinking my children will not see color at all, but, I was so happy that to her the one difference that stood out the most was his glasses and not the color of his skin.  Yay Sara!!!  P.S.  I guess I need to do a better job about her bias towards people with glasses especially since I am going to pick up my bifocals today!!  Ha-Ha!

The next example of a parenting win is from Anna.  I try to instill in my children a respect for their elders and also for those who make sacrifices for others.  Those are our  role models.  They like to listen to Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry.  They know those are entertainers, people who makes us happy by singing and dancing, but they are not heroes by any stretch of the imagination.  That is my job as their mom to teach them the difference between the two.  The other day we were out for lunch and I went to put our name in with the hostess.  In line ahead of me were 2 servicemen in their uniforms.  I thanked them for their service and gave them money for their lunch...I always try to acknowledge and thank the military when I see them.  That is the least I can do for all they have sacrificed for me and my family.  The men came over and gave my girls some pins.  The girls were thrilled.  Anna even wore hers on her pajamas that night, I told her she could put it back on in the morning and she said, "no...the hero soldier gave it to me and it is very special so I have to protect it and not lose it"...another check in the "W" column.

Lastly, Sara and I were watching House Hunters the other night.  Two women were buying a house together.   She asked me if they were married and I said yes.  Going back to the lesson on surrounding yourself with the people that treat you well, she knows that you marry the person that makes you the happiest in the whole world, girl or boy.  So she then asks, "can two girls that are married have kids?"  I told her yes, that families are made all sorts of ways.  She then says, "oh yeah, remember ________ from preschool?  He had two moms.  What house do you think they are going to choose?".  She sat on this fact about the 2 moms for over a year. Why?  Because she knew it wasn't a big deal.  I love how she moved on and was more concerned with which house they were going to pick.

I know this isn't one of my typical blog posts but I think as parents we never really give  ourselves enough credit for taking on this unbelievably challenging responsibility of raising a human being, and raising them well.  I think moms especially don't toot their own horns enough about the amazing things we do each and every day that are shaping our little ones into pretty awesome people.

So to that I say, "TOOT!!  TOOT!!!"

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