Sunday, June 17, 2012!

It is Father's Day here in the United States  and apparently it is a huge holiday that I was unaware of.   I mean, I know it was father's day.  I called my dad wished him a happy day and will see him on Tuesday.  Last night the girls and I made Chuck his favorite dinner, a cake and gave him a little present and some homemade crafts from the girls.  Oh, and I instructed the girls to be on their best behavior for him...the best present of all!  I thought I covered all my bases.  Oh no my see I have yet again added a check in the shittiest mother in the world column...

Let me back up for you...if you noticed I said that we celebrated Father's day yesterday with Chuck that is because I had to work today.  All well and good one would think, right?  Last night as I was putting Sara to bed we were chatting.  She was asking what we were going to do in the morning and I told her it was a work day for me.  Then she asks me why do I always have to work on holidays.  I tell her that I don't always work on holidays that I was home on Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Easter.  She then says well you are working on Father's Day, you worked on the holiday when you make hearts for people and tell them you love them and you worked on Cinco De Mayo.  Really Sara?  Cinco de Mayo?  I tried to explain to her that there are big holidays that are super important and then there are little holidays that you still go to work and school but you can celebrate it when your whole family can be together.  Oh my God!!  I totally crushed her little spirit.  She loves the little holidays.  She goes all out for them...we have a "Love" dinner on Valentine's day...she decorates the house with a million hearts, we eat by candle light and have a heart shaped cake...this tradition came from someone I used to work with (hi Alcina!!), we did celebrate Cinco de Mayo for the past 2 years by making Mexican flags and food for dinner and in my defense I have to look at the calendar but I don't think I actually worked on May 5th this year...anyway, back to Sara she was heartbroken that I was going to work and I told her that it wasn't a real holiday.  But there is more to this story...

Sara does not like the fact that I go off to work.  She is starting to realize that some of her friend's mommies get to stay home all the time.  She has asked me so many times lately why do I have to work.  I tell her honestly that I like working, that it makes me feel good inside to be able to help people.  I am fortunate enough to be able to work part time and even if financially I didn't need to work I probably still would.  For me personally it makes me a better mom.  I need time away to feel productive in my community, to talk with other adults and quite honestly have a break from my kids.  I think being a full time stay at home mom is  THE MOST DIFFICULT JOB IN THE WORLD!!!  I give so much credit to moms that can do that but it is not for me.  I wouldn't last more than 2 weeks.

I reminded Sara that before Anna came along I did still work everyday.  I told her that I was lucky to find the new hospital and the job in the NICU.I told her that I am here when she wakes up everyday, I am here to put her to bed every night and we get to have breakfast together everyday, lunch 6 out of 7 days and dinner 4 out of 7 would think the last statistic she would be grateful for because I KNOW Chuck does not make them eat a fruit or vegetable with dinner and they don't have to clear their plates for him either and I bet if you peeked through our windows on those 3 nights chances are they are sitting in the TV room eating in front of Sponge Bob (which mommy doesn't let them watch)...she wasn't buying it.  She then says to did you find the NICU?  Who told you about it?  I know what she is getting at.  You see my friend used to have the NICU position, she was getting ready to stay home full time and told me about it.  Sara was just over her house the other friend was watching them so I could go to work on a unscheduled day.  I answered her and told her the name.  Sara then says well, how come she doesn't have to work there anymore but you do?  She shouldn't have told you about it.  I am mad that she told you about the NICU.  But here is the kicker...Sara wants to be a baby doctor and work in the NICU too! 

I know that I am never going to win this argument with her.  I am going to continue to work my 20 hours a week.  She is going to continue to harass me about it.  I am going to block PBS so she doesn't learn about any more of these "holidays" we dodged a bullet with flag day last week but isn't arbor day coming up?   For good measure I think I will request Mother's and Father's day as vacation days next year.  I am willing to concede a little bit...but I am drawing the line at Cinco de Mayo...


  1. Sara - I am so sorry I told mommy about the NICU job!!! I hope you still want to play with us (:

  2. She will get over it...she was just asking about playing with the boys during dinner.