Friday, September 21, 2012

All in a day's words...

These are actual things my children have said in the 24 hour span that was yesterday...

* Sara:  Hey mom, you have something on your butt. 
   Me:  Really, what is it?  Maybe it is just dust from the door? 
   Sara:  Nope, I don't know what it is.  I saw it there this morning when we were waiting at school.    
   Me:  Why didn't you tell me?
   Sara:  I didn't want to embarrass you in front of everyone.

Thanks Sara, I waited in the school yard for drop off AND pick up with something on my a$$.  In between that I went to Market Basket for many, many more people to see.  Thanks for looking out for me Sara. 

So Anna and I were at Market you all know that always lends itself to a blog post.  Yesterday was no exception...

Anna is a very funny kid.  I could just sit and listen to her for hours.  She is however, almost always unintentionally inappropriate.  Yesterday she did not disappoint.

*While in the cereal aisle I told her she could pick a box she liked.  She said she wanted "fruit balls" (Trix).  I said sure.  Then she went on and on expounding on the merits of "balls".  "I love fruity balls...they are delicious".  "I like chocolate balls (Cocoa Puffs) too".  "Balls are yummy"!!  Now like you may have figured out by now...I have the sense of humor of a 12 year old boy and that to me was comic genius.

*Again, another Market Basket gem...we got to walk past the diaper aisle!!!  Anna is doing great with potty training, she only needs a diaper at night.  I told her I was so happy that I didn't need to buy any diapers.  She agreed and added "diapers make my butt and muh-gina (vagina) hot and stinky...I don't like diapers!!  I don't like having a hot muh-gina"...of course this she says as loud as can be in the cracker/chip of the higher traffic aisles in the I was not the only one that got to share in her words of wisdom.

And lastly, this was right before bedtime...Anna was asleep, Chuck was exercising and  I was helping Sara finish up in the bathroom.  She says, "hey mom, remember when daddy broke the toilet seat?"  I tell her yes, I remember.  She asks if it was because he has a fat bum (for the record he doesn't).  I said no, it was an old toilet seat and sometimes when you sit on them the wrong way they can crack.  She says to me totally serious and with a very thoughtful look, "it is kind of weird that you didn't break it since you are fatter than daddy"...Again, for the record that is NOT true!!!  If any of you know Sara in real life you can understand why I could not debate the issue with would set her off and cause a round of grunting, screaming and pouting.  I decided to just go on with my night, but, I did pass on an after dinner snack....

Can only imagine what today's conversations will bring.

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