Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I am a mom (insert an emoticon with a squiggly line for a mouth)

I would insert it myself if I knew how.  I am a mom!  I AM a mom!  I am A mom!  I am a MOM!  No matter how I say it or what word I emphasize I am a mom.  I have been for almost 5 years now.  Intellectually I know that but there are those surreal "oh my God" moments when it hits me...I am a mom.  I have had a few of those this past week. 

My friend hosted a Back to School Bash the other day.  There were a couple of other mom's there and we were talking about the teachers our kids have this year, lunchbox ideas and the upcoming PTA meeting.  Those are all grown-up things.   I know that I am old enough to be the mom of two children...truth be told I was considered "advanced maternal age" when I had my kids.  I was a bit nervous they were going to have me deliver on the geriatric ward of the hospital...instead of a hospital drawer full of the awesome mesh undies it would be filled with tissues and hard candy.  But, discussing their education really made me feel like a grown up...a mom!!  Filling out the emergency contact cards, packing the lunch box and shopping for Sara's "perfect" first day of school dress really made it hit home...I am not just babysitting these kids.  They are mine.  Forever.  I am responsible for their physical and emotional well being, for shaping them into productive, contributing members of society.  I know this on an intellectual level but sometimes it just hits me.  I am their mother.

You need further evidence I am a mom?  I (we...Chuck and I) made the ultimate sacrifice the other day when we took the kids out for dinner.  Neither one of us felt like making dinner...just too lazy so we decide to go out.  Of all the restaurants in the Central MA/Metro West area the girls pick Bugaboo Creek. I am a vegetarian...I am the only vegetarian that does not like salad...go figure!  Bugaboo Creek is my version of restaurant hell...dead animals on the wall, mediocre food and no options for me (other than a baked potato).  BUT, the girls really, really wanted to go there.  So I made the ultimate sacrifice...taking my rare opportunity of not having to cook for the family and enjoying a meal prepared for me and squandering it away on a dry baked potato so the girls could have their moment in the sun.  The sign of a true parent, the willingness to forgo your own happiness (and a decent meal) for that  of your children.  Though I think Chuck made much more of a sacrifice that night.  He ate some coconut shrimp that may or may not have been rancid.  He spent the night in the bathroom puking up his own Bugaboo Creek.

Last night really sealed the deal for me feeling like a mom.  My sister gave me some tickets to see Madonna in concert.  I have 2 little kids.  I don't go out often.  I jumped at the chance!!  "Back in the Day" I would have spent the day picking out the perfect outfit, meeting up for dinner and drinks before the show and then heading to see the Material Girl.  Instead, it was Sara's first day of Preschool 2, I was in full on potty training mode with Anna, I cleaned the house and had a home cooked dinner with my family before heading in town.   Nothing screams MOM more than borrowing your 4 1/2 year old's red nail polish when getting ready to go see Madonna!!

Coming soon... How my life is better than Maddona's...


  1. I'm proud of you for knowing the word "emoticon"! :)

  2. Don't be. I had to go to and ask "what punctuation marks people use for facial expressions are called".