Monday, October 15, 2012


So Sara has learned how to "sew".  She can sew a somewhat straight line and has turned a bunch of old T-shirts into Barbie sleeping bags.  She has also fixed Chuck's socks that had holes.  Well about an hour ago Sara told me there was a little hole in the table cloth  she wanted to sew.  This was news to me but I told her she could do it after lunch.  I just walked into the kitchen and noticed that the tablecloth was shredded.  No little hole!!  I also noticed a pair of purple kids scissors on the table.  Apparently Edward Scissorhands was a little too eager to sew.  Of course the one time I need to come across stern I get a case of the giggles.  I ask what happened and I said I really wanted the truth.  She goes on about Anna needing paper...never mentioning what happened to the table cloth.  I ask her if she cut it with the scissors and again, I wanted the truth.  Totally straight faced she says, "I told you I wanted to do a sewing project so I cut it and now I can sew it up again"...

I have nothing else to say.  I am speechless.

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