Monday, May 7, 2012

Groundhog Day

It is said that everyday is a new day.  Technically that is true in that it is a new 24 hour block of time.  However, there are several things that happen on a daily basis here at our house making it feel like that same day playing over and over again.  Let me fill you in on a few of them...

1.  Sara pokes herself in the eye everydayEveryday I suggest that maybe Sara should get safety goggles.  Everyday Sara screams at me for said suggestion.

2.  Everyday I find myself staring into Anna's mouth with a mini flashlight trying to find a rogue piece of hair.  How she gets hair in her mouth everyday is a mystery to me.

3.  Chuck curses at me my under his breath everyday for my inability to properly load the dishwasher.

4.  I curse at Chuck everyday for his inability to properly stack the kid's plastic plates.

5.  Everyday I hear Anna start to cry and everyday Sara immediately calls me saying that Anna hurt herself and everyday Anna says that Sara did it.

6.  Everyday I announce that I am on break and I am going to watch TMZ and no one is allowed to interrupt me.  Everyday I am interrupted at about 7:06.

7.  Everyday before bed Sara insists that she does not need to go to the bathroom.  Everyday she protests and acts insulted when I suggest it.  Everyday when I make her go try... she pees.

8.  At the end of everyday Anna looks as if she walked through a garbage dump on a hot humid day.  No matter if she has a tub or not she ends everyday filthy.

9.  Everyday Sara reminds me of some promise she claims I have broken, everyday I get food spilled on me, everyday Anna hounds me for the cabinet magnet for hours on end, everyday I spend the majority of my time cooking and cleaning up after everyone else and everyday I have to sacrifice something  (a show, my last special ice-cream, sleep...) for my kids.

10.  Everyday I wake up knowing I get to do it all over again...and I wouldn't have it any other way...well, maybe except for the cooking and cleaning part.

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  1. Today did have a couple of "extras"...while I was cleaning the bathroom Anna painted her body, face included, blue. Then while I was folding laundry they got a hold of a can of Febreeze. One of them sprayed Anna's hair with it (no one is claiming responsibility) and they washed their floor with it. Then they had the bright idea of cleaning it up with toilet by the time I found them there was little bits of wet toilet paper all over their least the house smells clean.