Sunday, May 20, 2012

Kids say the darndest things...

And mine are no exception.  In the past week or so the girls have come out with some outrageous, funny and just ridiculous statements.  Here is just a sampling...

*  This morning I woke up to Anna loudly exclaiming, "I don't want any Sara's in my house.  Sara's are mean".

*  Chuck took the girls to McDonald's for dinner tonight.  They wanted to eat outside.  It was really too hot in the sun so he said no, they would cook out there.  Anna said, "OK, mommy would be really sad if she didn't have a Daddy, Sara and Anna anymore."

*  Sara made me a bookmark at school.  It was for Mother's Day.  Coincidentally I got a new book for Mother's Day.  She really wanted me to use it.  "But Mommy how will you know where to read?  You need to use your new book mark.  Here, you can put it in your new book about ties" she hands me 50 Shades of Grey.  Of course I had to use her gift but it felt so wrong using her little innocent, school made present inside of that book.

*  Started an allowance with Sara.  Today she earned a little extra money for cleaning up the TV room.  She did most of the work and I put 1 or 2 things away.   I gave her a dollar which she added to her bank.  She took a penny out and gave it to me.  She told me that I earned it.  A minute or so later she tells me that she is going to take it back since I "didn't work that hard to earn any money". 

*  Sara and I had a 3 day discussion about her birthday.  We went to 2 parties recently and it was great weather both days.  Sara's birthday is in October and historically the weather has been pretty crappy for her parties.  Also, last year Anna's birthday was on Thanksgiving Day so Sara feels slighted because her birthday isn't on a special day.  She declared, "I am changing my birthday to a better day...when I turn five Mom, you need to have my party on a special day in the summer".

*  And last, but certainly not least....while at Papa Gino's Anna's diaper fell off when I went to go get the pizza from the counter.  I came back and like I said before she had "discovered" herself.  She announces loudly to me..."mom, I have a belly button in my vagina bum" do you recover from that one?...

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  1. Belly button on the vagina bum. You can't make that stuff up!