Thursday, May 17, 2012

Playing Catch Up...

So sorry I haven't been blogging.  Life has been crazy lately.  Let me catch you all up.  This past Saturday was super busy.  Chuck had said he was going to let me sleep in and take the girls to dance class.  I had to work on the actual Mother's Day so he wanted to at least let me have some time to myself.  It was a really nice gesture and it was so sweet of him to offer, but, let's face it, we all knew there was no chance in hell that was actually going to happen.  Not because Chuck is just that he is embarrassing.  That is according to Sara.  She would not let him take her to dance because he "is embarrassing when he takes me" she is only 4 years old, she knows nothing about being embarrassed.  Wait till middle school Sara...I am sure that not only daddy will be embarrassing but I am sure you will think that I am awful to be seen in public with too.  So off we went to dance class...Anna came with us for good measure.  Didn't want me to be able to chat with the moms or anything.  Then it was off to do some errands, a birthday party, a dance recital and dinner with the cousins.  Throw in 4 hours in the car and call it a day.  Chuck was home...alone...happy almost Mother's Day to me.

Like I said, I had to work on the actual Mother's Day.  Sara got up unusually early and woke Anna up.  They came in my room and were bickering over who should "say it"...neither of them wanted to go first.  They made me breakfast and I got to get up and eat even earlier than a normal Sunday.  They were very sweet though.  They got me a new lunchbox for work, now I don't have to pack my lunch in a pink sparkly Princess bag and the book 50 Shades of Grey.  Off to work I go where for the first time since starting in the NICU I actually got peed and pooped on.  It was Mother's Day.  I got pooped on and it wasn't even my own kid.  Note to self...take a vacation day next year.

Monday I had a 20 minute follow up appointment.  After the hour ride in town my MD was 1.5 hours late.  My chart was incomplete, I needed to redo some stuff and ended up spending 5.5 hours dealing with this when all was said and done.  Thankfully my dad was with the girls.  Though I am not quite sure he would use the word "thankfully".  He took them to McDonald's for lunch.  The girls were done eating, he packed up the leftovers in their Happy Meal boxes and headed for the door.  Apparently Anna was confused and thought he ate her nuggets.  She threw a fit accusing him of eating her food, full on tantrum on the floor and everything.  I am sure the McDonald's patrons thought my dad was a grumpy old man who ate this poor child's lunch.  Despite seeing the nuggets in the box she still insists Bucka ate her lunch....

Tuesday was not much better.  As what can only be described as Erin's horrible, no good, very bad day it is one that I would like to forever erase from the books.  I had a ton of things to do before work sparing you the gory details...let's just say it didn't go smoothly.  Enough said.  I get to work, can't shake my awful morning so I go to the movies by myself after work.  Now the movies are so flippin expensive these days...I spent $20 (for just me!!...and it was bargain Tuesday) you would expect a good movie.  Nope in keeping with my craptastic day the movie was awful.  Don't waste your time or money seeing the 5 year engagement.  Spoiler spend 2 hours watching them flip flop back and forth knowing full well they will end up together in the end.

Wednesday I spend cleaning the house.  It has been raining a lot lately so we have been spending a ton of time inside...and it showed.  Later in the day I have to go do something for work, due to unforeseen circumstances I am running late.  Surprise, surprise!   

Today was a school day so I send Sara off and take Anna to her playgroup, only 1 week left.  She is sad I am thrilled.  The teacher asked the mom of the bad kid if he had an Icee or candy for breakfast...that his behavior was so out of control he needed to take a break out of the room.  YAY!!!  Finally!!!  The kid is a jerk.  There I said it.  I just called a 3 year old a jerk and man does it feel good.

I had no desire to make my kids lunch so we go to Papa Gino's for lunch.  It is going well, our number is called and I go get our pizza.  I come back and Anna is sitting there with her diaper off and has just "discovered" herself.  Good times.  I could not make some of this sh*t up if I tried.  I get her all readjusted and we eat our pizza. 

We come home and I get to clean the house again.  No word of a lie it took me 30 minutes to clean the plastic table cloth...the rainy day craft projects were out of control.  I make my shopping list and head to Market Basket.  Thankfully I was not run down by a lark this time.

Get home, put the stuff away and start talking to Chuck.  Sara and Anna are playing dog.  Sara sneaks over and bites my leg.  I am putting them to bed and Lucy the cat that doesn't care is laying in front of my like dead weight flicking her tail into my eye.  I kept pushing her and moving her away, but like I said she doesn't care...she just kept coming back for more.  Thankfully they are all asleep now and I have a minute to myself....hopefully I can catch my breath before one of them wakes up.

I promise I will have the blog back up and running this weekend.


  1. WOW what a week!! 1st let me start by saying happy reading and Chuck bought that book because he knew he would reep the bennies of that haha hide the ties!!

    Poor Bucka he is a good sport!!!

    Save yourself 30 minutes and go bye extra table cloths or get some at the dollar tree and just toss the suckers out when crafts are done.

    I can only say i feel for you!! I wish i was back at those days cause it is far better then the TEEN YEARS!!! So enjoy!!!

  2. The thought of your dad with the girls at mcdonalds being accused of food snatching made me giggle! Thanks for the laughs!