Friday, May 4, 2012

Promises, Promises

I try really hard not to make promises to my kids that I am not willing to keep.  Generally I don't make outlandish threats or offer ridiculous prizes...If I do, then I follow through.  Case in point; Ms Amerigold Lemon Lavallee, our guinea pig that joined the family after I made one such promise.  In short, I am not going to write a check I am not willing to cash.  Chuck needs to brush up on this skill.

Sara likes to snuggle and watch a little TV with me before bed time.  By the end of the night I am sick of kid's shows so I try and pick something that I am interested in that is also appropriate for a child.  It is usually a cooking show, House Hunters or something like that.  Last night we settled on was about exotic pets and a local animal sanctuary.  Simple enough, right?  Oh, no...of course it turns into a whole ordeal.  Sara is now campaigning to get a ferret. There was a couple on there that had some ferrets as pets.  She thought they were really cute and loved that you could take them for a walk on a leash.  So she starts in with...can I get a ferret....they are so cute..they make great pets...we could put the cage in my room...etc., etc....

I nipped it in the bud pretty quick.  Nope, we can not get one.  We have plenty of pets and besides cats don't like ferrets and Lucy might try to eat it.  I told her we could talk about it again when she was a teenager.  She grumbled a little bit but seemed to accept it.  That was until Chuck entered the conversation.  She asked him if she could get one, he said yes if she got rid of one of the pets she already had!  Really, are you kidding me?  So of course Sara instantly says, can we get rid of the frogs?  Yes, we now have frogs living in our house...Oh yeah my friends, we have real live, big green, slimy frogs.  Sara loves to go to frog hunting.  The pond at Purgatory was dried up and they were having a hard time catching them from our pond.  The frogs like to hang out in the middle and taunt Chuck because he can't reach them.  He was not to be defeated.  He got an 8 foot net and won the war.  He put them in an old fish tank we had.  He also bought them some crickets, a hollowed out log to play in and other goodies.  Yes, these are pond frogs.  The girls play with them for about a week, let them go and catch another there is no real emotional attachment.   Sara was quick to offer them up as the sacrificial pet.  No deal said Chuck.  So for the past 12 hours Sara has been making a list of pros and cons as to which pet should go.  I think the guinea pig is the one she is leaning towards...he latest reason is, "she is really cute but she scratches me sometimes"...I want to let her in on a little secret; Sara herself is cute but she isn't always nice to me but I wouldn't trade her away for a ferret...there are days I would like to, but I wouldn't.

I called Chuck on this last night and he said she won't give any of them away. I am not so sure.  I am leaving this one up to him.  It was his promise...he can be his solution.  I am just putting it out there...I am not going to be happy if we get a ferret.

On another completely unrelated note I think I am actively dying. I am not exaggerating when I say I have had about 3 hours sleep in the past 4 days.  Between night terrors, the cat that loves me a little too much and the sleep-talking trio (no, that is not an a singing group) I can't catch a break.  My body aches, my eyes sting, I have this intense cold deep down in my bones that will not break despite sweats, blankets and cranked up heat.  My ear lobes and teeth hurt.  I am starving yet have no desire to eat.  On the off hand chance I survive long enough to go to work this afternoon I just put on some fake tanning lotion.  The odd grey color of my skin would just not be acceptable in public.  I do have a 3 day weekend and I am trying to decide if that is a good thing (I can catch up on sleep) or is a bad thing (more time to be awake and contribute to my exhaustion)..

You may be asking yourself why am I on the computer instead of taking a nap.  I tried that but the girls borrowed a voice changing megaphone from their friends yesterday...they realize that in addition to singing the ABC's like Darth Vader they can make this awesome high pitch police car sound.  Yay me!


  1. Well fyi ferets smell and need to be bathed a lot. They r so so gross giant rats. Good luck

  2. Sorry for the voice changer. Welcome to my world!!! You can make that disappear like the bottle if you want, but don't let it come back. Thanks.