Sunday, May 27, 2012

Date Night...wink, wink...(it ain't what it used to be!)

When I first met Chuck date night was so magical.  Waiting all week to see him...picking out the perfect outfit...properly shaving my legs...going somewhere fabulous and talking all night long about our future and what that would look like...Well the future is now and let me paint a little picture for you of what it looks like....

Last night was date night. Yes, it is true, I WAS looking forward to it all week but not for the reasons one might think.  I was really looking forward to a night away from the girls.  There I said it...I needed a break from them.  I love them to death but like the saying goes distance makes the heart grow fonder.  It was time to get ready.  I took a shower in the morning.  That was good enough.  I was wearing capris.  No need to shave my whole leg...just the 3 inches by my ankle would be fine.  That is all that is going to show anyway.  I did get my hair cut at least my hair was a littler nicer than just a regular weekday.  Ready to go.

We head out to dinner.  We had a new babysitter last night so Chuck (aka Nervous Nelly) insisted we go somewhere close to home just in case.  I did remind him his mom was about 5 minutes away if anything happened and if it were a true emergency the fire department would be there in less than 3 minutes.  To no avail...We had to go somewhere less than 15 minutes away.  Now we don't live in a metropolis so finding a restaurant within a 15 minute radius that did not have a drive-thru was a bit tricky.  But we found a cute little place with decent food.  No matter how hard we try we always end up breaking our rule of not talking about the kids on date night.  That was pretty much all we talked about.  We are two somewhat intelligent people...we used to talk about politics, world affairs, our dreams and goals.  What is happening to us?  Dinner was over.  We got in the car and it was 6:43.  What to do?  What to do?

We go clothes shopping for the girls.  We head to Old Navy...not a huge selection.  I suggest we go to Carter's.  Now if any of you know Chuck then you know he likes the path of least resistance.  He likes to be efficient and get things done quickly.  Surprisingly he agreed! We go and pick out a few more things.  On a side note there is a young couple in there shopping for newborn clothes.  They were so giddy...must be their first baby.  They probably had dinner and went shopping...loving the novelty of it all.  Little do they know that 4 years from now this WILL be there date night.  Doing errands for their kids on date night for the practicality of it...not for the novelty.  What is happening to us?  Still need bathing suits.  I didn't really like the one's at Carters.  Call me crazy but I think 2 and 4 year old girls should look like 2 and 4 year old girls.  No bikinis for my kids.  On a side not Old Navy had tiny bikini's for 18 month olds.  Just wrong on so many levels.  Anyway...I say that Target might have a better selection of suits.  Again, surprisingly he agrees to go to a 3rd store!!  Now I know he is feeling the pressure to make date night last past 7 p.m.

In and out of Target pretty quickly.  Back in the car at around 7:30.  We can NOT in good conscience have the sitter for only 2 hours.  She had to drive a little bit of a is her first time with us...she gave up a Saturday night...we need to make it worth her while so she will agree to watch the kids in the future.  Chuck doesn't that limits us a bit in where we can go/what we can do.  So we come up with something...drum roll please....we go to check out the brand new Sam's Club!!   No, not some new hip night is the new big box warehouse store that opened up near us about 3 weeks ago.  Can you stand it?  So we are walking through and we come upon the diapers...we spend a good 4 minutes in the aisle comparing price per diaper for all the different brands.  Keep in mind Anna is getting ready to ditch the diaper AND we do not have a membership and have NO plans on actually buying any diapers.  The absurdity of our lame date night hits us.  What is happening to us?  Then it all became crystal clear...We have turned into that old, stale couple we swore we would never be.  I told Chuck that I should just pack it in, get me a pair of elastic waist jeans, a t-shirt with an applique kitty, a fanny pack and call it a day!!  Sam's club is about to close.  We dejectedly head to the car.  Chuck announces he feels a blog entry coming on...

We get in the car to head home.  No more of this more pretending to be the exciting worldly couple that we used to be.  We are driving home and then Chuck surprises me!  Wait, what is going on?  He drives right past our exit.  He drives past the next 4 exits!!!  My heart starts racing...where are we going?  How is date night going to end?  Let me tell you how...we get off about 5 exits past our own and take the back roads home.  Just to kill time...don't want our new sitter to think we are complete losers...we can't show our faces before 9.  We make it home at a respectable the mighty have fallen.


  1. lol you alway crack me up!! But i do want to say the bikini's are a god send for lets say bathroom duty at the beach and also for lets also say the little accidents at the beach and yes i mean poop!!! Just a thought for you to keep in mind :)

    Hope your date night is more exciting next time but remember we have all been there !! It will get better!! Then they will be teens and then well shit will really hit the fan!!!