Thursday, April 5, 2012

And so it Begins...

Anna has decided she wants to wear underwear.  Actually, it was "suggested" to her by her Auntie Jen.  Auntie promised her a new Dora doll if she peed on the potty.  She also promised Sara a new doll if she would teach Anna how to use the potty.  Anna could not have cared less but Sara is all about prizes...if there is one to be had she will find a way to get it.  I hang up the phone with Auntie Jen and I walk by the bathroom and they are already in there.  Sara marched Anna right in as soon as she heard there was a princess doll involved.  Princess paraphernalia is a pretty strong currency around here. 

Anna is only 2 years and 4 months old.  Way too early for her to potty train.  Some kids are ready that young and some are not.  Sara was trained at 20 months....she was ready.  Anna is not.  Case in point;  the other day I had to quickly move Anna out of the tub and ditch her on the couch since her sister gave birth to a turd in the tub.  I was in the kitchen spraying the tub toys down with bleach when Anna comes into the kitchen naked, with huge smile on her face.  She joyfully announces that she just peed.  Yay!  I say to her and head into the bathroom to clean out the potty. She says "mom it's not in the potty...I peed on the couch"...she was so proud of herself I couldn't get too upset.  Plus, as you all know by now we have nothing nice anymore anyway so a pee soaked couch fits in quite nicely with the decor.  So she is starting to get that she shouldn't pee in her diaper, but she doesn't quite get that we, as the human race are slightly more civilized than our animal counterparts and we really can't just pop a squat where ever and whenever the urge strikes.

So now for a couple of hours during the day she wants to wear her undies.  I indulge her.  She wants Dora ones.  Well, my little lovebug skipped right past the 2T/3T size right into size 4.  So she complains every time she has to put on a Minnie Mouse pair.  Really?  Does it matter?  They are going to be soaked in pee in about 15 minutes anyway....

Anna spends A LOT of time sitting on the toilet.  She tries and tries so hard to get a few dribbles out.  With all of that straining something is bound to come out.  Usually it is just gas.  If you kept up with my Facebook entries then you might remember a few months back the 2:30 a.m. "Fart-Gate"...remember when Anna farted and she was so upset that she could not see her fart in the toilet?  yeah, well, it happens several times a day now.  She get so frustrated because with all that hard work she expects to see "results"...unfortunately farts are invisible.  After telling someone at work about Fart Gate 2010 she gave me some talking points about farts so now I have a better response to Anna when she is upset about not seeing her farts instead of just laughing at her.  Now when she is mad that the potty is empty I tell her that "yes Ann, your fart was real, even though we can't see it, we heard it and we can smell we know that it really came out of your bum."  I have to dig down deep to say that with a straight face, but it works she doesn't throw a tantrum over the phantom farts anymore.

What she DOES do now though it just as curious...she "needs pwibacy"...translation:  needs privacy.  Miraculously about 30 seconds after I walk out and close the door she announces she peed.  Not sure if she is telling the truth or not...she tends to flat out lie to your face.  But I go along with her and praise her for a job well done.    I would later find out that she is up to no good when she is alone in the bathroom.  She confessed to Chuck that she put a booger on Memere's (her grandmother's) towel.  Chuck did call his mom and tell her.  I can only imagine what she has been up to in my bathroom.  I have been extra vigilant in there lately.

I will all keep you updated with her progress...I am sure it will be an adventure.

On a somewhat related note...Anna had school today.  It really isn't school it is a little preschool playgroup that we go to for 2 hours a week.  Anyway, she is very shy there.  In the car ride there we practiced some polite phrases she can use when she wants to ask for a snack or a hand stamp.  Didn't work...she was super shy the whole time...UNTIL she lets out a sonic boom and announces at the top of her voice "I farted...excuse me"....

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