Saturday, April 14, 2012

Laissez faire..or is it a lazy fair?

Honestly, I can't tell.  I am still on the fence trying to decide if my children are extremely lazy or have brilliant problem solving skills.  I will present the evidence and you can decide.

Recently Sara was not allowed to go outside until she cleaned up her toys.  She wouldn't budge.  She REALLY wanted to go outside because the night before she set up a science experiment on the hill in the backyard and wanted to see what  happened to it.  I was sticking to my going out until the toys were put away.  She would look out the window and stand on her tippy toes to try to see the top of the hill.  She would ask me what I thought.  Nothing.  The toys were still out.  It seriously would have taken her all of 2 minutes to clean them up.  Nope!!  Chuck comes home and she is laying around and asks him to go and check the hill, he does, comes back and reports what he sees.  Sara gets the one thing she wants AND didn't have to clean up.  Lazy or creative problem solving?...

Again with the toys.  Neither of them wanted to clean them up.  I told them they had to before we could go for a walk.  I leave the room and come right back and the toys are miraculously all cleaned up.  I knew better..they shoved them all under the trampoline.  Yes, I know, if you have been following my blog you know that the trampoline is STILL in the living room due to my husband and I being too lazy to take it down...remember?  we were so excited to give it to her we put it together in the living room not realizing that once assembled it does not fit through the doorway.  So in my kids defense I guess the apple does not fall too far from the tree.  Not in their defense now...our house is pretty small, it is a very short walk to put the toys in their room.  Pure laziness or a good understanding of spatial relations?...

Sara is famous for calling out for you to come because she "needs you".  She always makes it seem like there is some dire emergency on the horizon.  Usually she just wants you to throw her trash away or get her something.  Drives me nuts but one of her other parents (who will remain nameless) usually caters to her whim.  Again I ask...lazy or a master at the art of delegating?...

My last piece of evidence to present and to my Facebook friends you may have heard about this last incident a few days ago...but it is my strongest argument yet.   Anna and I were snuggling and reading on the couch.  She says, "here mom" as she dangles a huge booger on her finger.  I tell her that is gross to go get a tissue and she says to me, "I am too lazy...I will put it back".  She puts it back in her nose, looks at her now "clean" finger and goes on with her life.  I was disgusted and stunned all at the same time.   Mostly disgusted though.  Was this another argument for laziness or ingenious time management?

I have been thinking about that last scenario for a few days now and I am not sure if I should be totally frustrated with my children over their laissez faire attitude towards life or should I be bursting with pride over their amazing ability to take the path of least resistance and always come out on top?  The jury is still out, but one thing is certain...I have been diligent with Anna making sure she is using her hand sanitizer...


  1. Ok well i would say you need to show then what a green trashbag is all about!! It works wonders you get that trash bag out and start filling it with there toys and you will see how quick they pick up and not just hide there toys and if not oh well they are GONE!!! So yes maybe you have picked them up but then walk them to the car and toss them in well until they go to bed then move them to a storage area they wont find them in, cause hell toys are expensive!!!

    Not sure if they have great problem solving skills or not but they do know how to make you jump thru hoops so remember this saying JUST SAY NO!!! Also chant it to CHUCK!!! He is not helping you with your point if he is gonna cave to that sweet smile of his beautiful children!! TUFF LOVE GF will work ok ok well till they are tweens and teens then it is another ball park all together and we wont discuss that cause i am still trying to get a handle on it :P!!! Good LUCK

  2. Well Idk what it is, but I think she's pretty friggin smart! If Sara is willing to pick a booga and try to hand it to u...well it's nothing my kid hasn't done. put it back...well I think that is brilliant on her part. Im just sayin....the girl didn't wanna get up..story musta been good :)