Monday, April 16, 2012

Once Upon a Time...

There was a little fairy...  She was quite the helpful little bugga.  She would come around and load and unload the dishwasher, clear the island of its debris, fill up all the soap dispensers and clean the fridge every week before finding time to go grocery shopping.  This fairy also bleached down the bathroom  scrubbing the toilet and tub and even cleaned out the toothbrush holder every week so gross sludge wouldn't build up.  Somehow the fairy always knew when we needed to get more toilet paper, soap and toothpaste. 

In addition to cleaning, this amazing little creature would sort through the girls clothes, get backpacks and snacks ready for school and have all the clothes laid out at night.  She would arrange play-dates, read stories and play Barbies no matter how tired she was.  The fairy also took one of the children to her dance class every week, hung the coats up, made all the dentist and doctor appointments and knew every last cell on the children's bodies inside and out.  

If something were missing the fairy could tell you exactly where it was in about 2 seconds flat, if a game piece were missing the fairy could immediately come up with a replacement. 

What is more amazing is the fairy comes around EVERY day!!!  No matter the weather, no matter if she is sick or even if it is a holiday she comes and gets it all done.  This fairy is more reliable than the postal service.  365 days a year!!!!

Now, I have never seen this fairy that comes to our house but I am pretty sure that Sara, Anna and Chuck have.  They are pretty pleased with her job performance. They like the way she takes care of everything so much they occasionally leave extra jobs for her to leave an Italian ice cup upside down on the sofa on a 90 degree day, empty out the closet onto the floor looking for shorts, leave poopy undies on the bathroom stuff like that.  The fairy LOVES finding these little extra gives her such great job satisfaction knowing the family she is assigned to her have such confidence in her fairy magic.  

I bet she comes when I am at work.  Maybe that is why I have never seen her...


  1. Can I get her number?

  2. HAHAHAH! I think my fam knows her too.