Thursday, April 12, 2012

Move over Larry Flynt...

Anna is the new purveyor of smut.  So this morning I broke my rule of taking children to Market Basket.  Thursday evening is usually my thrilling night out at the grocery store.  It was going to rain and I was really tired I just wanted to get it over with.  I decided to go with Anna while Sara was at preschool.  You know if I bring a kid with me it will always end in a good story.  Today was no exception.

A while back Anna was not talking so we enrolled her in Early Intervention to give her a boost.  I am constantly asking myself why was it again we thought it was important to teach her to talk?  Anyway she has this curious little accent...kind of a cross between British (she calls her self Ah-Nah) and New York (she pronounces back bay-yak) with some other weird, hard to place phonetics.  Add to that her articulation problem and it is always an adventure listening to her....

We were in the chip aisle and she wanted some "Pi-Pi Boobies".  Any guesses?  That would be Pirate's Booty my friends.  She was so mad that I wouldn't get it for her and she kept nagging me to get her Pi-Pi Boobies.  The little old man looking at the mixed nuts really got a kick out of that one.

A little further down the aisle she saw the fruit nacks (that is fruit snacks to you and I).  She really wanted Hello Tittie ones.  She kept asking where the Hello Tittie fruit nacks where.  I have never seen them and I am not sure they even exist but I couldn't resist I kept asking her what kind she wanted. It never gets old.

Even though Anna was feeling under the weather today she was really happy and singing Ring Around the Rosie throughout the whole shopping trip.  However, due the her odd speech pattern she sings it "asses, asses we all fall down".  She was singing it so loud and with such passion I just let her keep going. 

She may just take over for Larry Flynt when he retires. She already spends most of her time talking about Tits and Asses.  Yup, my sweet little girl...asses, asses we all fall down!!!

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  1. lol...too funny! My kids also have their own language at times...fruit nacks is in our daily vocab. My youngest child.....a boy.....says buh-bye in a high pitched southern belle voice.! Not too many smutty sounding words yet..but I am sure in time we will get there! LOL!