Thursday, March 15, 2012

Busy day

Sorry, another day without a post.  Busy day today.  I am volunteering in Sara's classroom today...Chuck is going to playgroup with Anna.  I am sure both of those will give a lot of content for tomorrow's blog.  Remembering back to the last time I volunteered in Sara's class....the assistant got a call that someone died and she left.  The teacher got called down to the office and left (never telling me)  I turn around and noticed I am sitting alone at circle time with a group of little ones staring at me confused and Sara sitting their with a huge grin as proud as can be.  It was the longest 10 can only be better...right?

Then grabbing the kids lunch at the Mass Pike McDonald's...I know gross, right?, but they are so excited for that, dropping the kids off, spending the day in town with Chuck and getting my hair cut in the evening.   Not just any hair with the AMAZING Cathy B.!!! I have tried over the years and with each move to find someone comparable closer to where I live but no such luck.  Cathy...I am coming home!!!! Get your lighters out...I feel a Peter Cetera song coming on...."After all these stops and starts we keep coming back to these two hearts..."  A good stylist is hard to find...they are more than someone that cuts your hair a few times a year, they are more like a therapist. Cathy knows all my secrets, she knew about Anna before anyone else (except Chuck), she hid my bald spots on my wedding day, put me in my place when I suggested a perm a few years back and  she refrains from commenting when I color my own hair and come out looking like the modern day incarnation of Gene Simmons.  She is a true professional. 

I promise I will have something good tomorrow!

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