Monday, March 12, 2012

A "Very Special Episode" of Tales of Mini Van Mom

Remember growing up if a TV show wanted to tackle a serious subject they would always dub it a "very special episode"?  Different Stokes and Facts of Life were famous for it.  There would be no canned laughter and the ending always faded to black.  Well, this is a very special blog post.

Today I am remembering a very special girl who I had the privilege of working with years ago.  Her and her family had such an impact on me and influenced how I interact with the children and families I serve.  I am a better clinician for knowing them.

I know that this blog is dedicated to my tongue and cheek look at motherhood.  However crazy my life gets I would not change it for anything!!  Before my girls go to bed EVERY night I tell them that I am so lucky to be their mom and that with all the kids in the world somehow I got the best two.  And I mean it!  I am so very lucky.  Working in a Pediatric Emergency Room, a homeless shelter and most recently an intensive care unit I have seen first hand that tomorrow is promised to no one.  So take a moment today and tell the children in your life how much they mean to won't regret it.  I promise.

Tomorrow back you your regularly scheduled blog.

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