Thursday, March 1, 2012

If you build it they will come. If you write it...they will read it?

So here it mommy blog!  For a few years I have been posting the (mis)adventures of my kids on my Facebook page.  I have had a lot of positive feedback and people telling me I should write a book about my life as a mom.  I guess many of you find humor in my life.  Well, if you start following this blog you will see that writing a book is way out of my skill set.  Grammar and punctuation are not in my strength column.   I had to take the Writing Proficiency Exam 3 times!!!  My Wheelock friends will know what I am talking about. 

For those of you that don't know me, here is my life in a nutshell.  I am a 39 year old, married, mostly stay at home mom raising two young girls.  In pictures they look so sweet and innocent but they really give me a run for my money.  Which is funny because for about 20 years I have been paid to tell other people how to raise their kids.  I guess my parenting skills fall under the "do as I say, not as I do" category. 

Now that they are the ripe old ages of two and four they don't need me as much.  They go off and play together and tell me I can go watch my shows.    We kind of live in the middle of nowhere and most of my family and friends are at least an hour to an hour and a half I have some free time on my hands. In an effort to combat boredom I have started recycling... not to save the planet but to get free magazines through Recylcebank.  But, that doesn't take much time.  I tried "couponing" but I suck at it.  I am not really saving any money.  My bill is about $4-$5 less a week, but once you figure in the cost of the paper and ink I use printing my coupon spread sheet, the coupons I print off line and the newspaper I buy each week I am actually spending more money each week.

So, I figured let me give the people what they want....A BLOG!!!  That is a good waste of time.  I have all the comments from Facebook when people were saying I should do it.  I hope you were serious.  I will feel like a real big loser if I went to all this trouble setting it up and no one reads it.  And, it was a lot of trouble.  I hate technology and as my husband always reminds me...It hates me too!  I had my friend Kristy show me how to set up a blog and I have been spending several hours a day for the past week trying to put it together...

So...take a look, sign up and follow my life as a Mini Van Mom!

P.S.- I know this entry was boring but I just needed to set it up...I promise to make it fun!!!


  1. Yippee!! I am so excited!! And what's this about you getting me all excited about couponing and then bailing?!

  2. I'll be following Erin! I could ALWAYS use a good laugh:0) You help me to not take life so seriously!

  3. I promise to read every day as long as you write. You have a gift to make others appreciate motherhood and life in a comical way and everyone needs to laugh on a daily basis. Thanks for doing this. Good things to come!! Helene

  4. Great idea Erin! I love how you mention for the past 2o years- you've been telling parents how to raise their children! I think about that all the time as I give my children horrible food, let them play in unsafe conditions, and say everything I said I wouldn't say!

  5. Love it! I've been reading all your posts (for some reason I missed your first one). You make me feel better when my 18 mo is wearing me down! What did you teach before your kiddos came along? Maybe you can't respond on this, but oh well. I want MORE!! Keep writing!

  6. I was a preschool teacher for several years, spent a couple of years working in a battered women's shelter and the past 12 years I have been working in pediatric healthcare. So my whole world revolves around children!!