Friday, March 2, 2012

Doomsday Preppers

Have any of you seen this show yet?  I have and I am fascinated.  At first I started watching it kind of like a joke but then I started thinking, am I ready for a disaster?  Do I have enough supplies to sustain my family should the unthinkable happen.  I was getting worried.  But the more I thought about it I realized that without a doubt we could survive, and not only that, we could survive for quite some time.

I have children.  On any given day Nat Geo could come to my home, flip the couch cushions and see that we have enough food under there to keep our family of four going for a good 2 weeks.  One of the things the show evaluates for is weapons or ways to defend your family and belongings.  We've got that covered too.  Anna's diapers would qualify as a weapon of mass destruction.  Take one of those suckers and just wave it around...and any and all thieves or bandits would turn on a dime and head for the hills.  For good measure we could just encircle our home with them and ward off any attempts at a security breech.

What if our home was compromised in the disaster?  No need to worry.  We can take the sh*t show on the road.  We have a minivan!!  So not only would we roll in style we could do so for months on end.  There are enough goldfish, pretzels and other half eaten snack packs in there that we could even pick up neighbors along the way if need be.  Moe from across the street need not worry.  Thirsty, not a problem.  Lot's of old juice boxes tucked under the seats, probably fermented just enough to take the edge off.  If the kids need a treat they can dig into the crevices of their car seats and find a treasure trove of M&M's.  When I was working in the ER I was always disgusted when a kid would come in with a dirty car seat, I thought the parents must have been neglectful and just not really cared about their kid.  In reality they were just forward thinkers preparing for the worst case scenario.  I will never judge again!

I remember last year picking up a friend at the airport.  They were fleeing from one of the world's worst natural disasters; a huge earthquake and tsunami.  It all happened so fast I did not have time to clean out my car.  As I was pushing aside french fries to make room for their luggage I was nervous that the debris in my car may trigger flashbacks and subsequently PTSD.   They had come half way around the world to get out of harms way and here I was putting them into a situation that quite possibly may have been worse than the one they were leaving.  I should offer to pay for her daughter's therapy sessions...

But...after watching Doomsday Preppers I realized that I am not just a few more hidden Cheerio's away from starring in an episode of Hoarders I am doing right by my family providing them with a sense of security in this crazy world.