Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sisterly Love

These are real fights that I have had to referee this week alone;

**  Riding in the car we saw a construction site on the left side.  That is Anna's side.  Sara commented on one of the trucks.  Anna went ballistic because it was her side and Sara can't look out of it.  This lasted a good 10 minutes.  Apparently the rule is you can only look out of your own window.  This reminded me of all the fights over the holidays over who had more Christmas lights out of their car window.  It got so bad I would not drive with them after dark.

**  Sara does not like playing with "dufusses".  I guess Anna is one and Sara refused to play with her this morning.  Anna was screaming "I am not a dufus, I am Anna"...which just egged Sara on.

**  Sara also hit the "I am not touching you" as she is within millimeters of Anna stage this week.  I am hoping this is short lived.

**  Anna got mad at me because I would not give her cookies for breakfast, I know, I know I am a terrible mom.  Well, she threw an all out tantrum yelling that she was "super Mahhhhdd and that she was going to run away".   I offered to pack her bag but she didn't take me up on the offer.  She only got as far as the TV room where she got distracted by Diego and decided to stay.

**  Sara was mad at Anna for not wanting to crawl on the floor like a puppy.  How do I know Sara was mad?  She broke out her list of, "I am mad at Anna, I don't like her, I don't love her and I don't want to be her big sister anymore" know Sara means business when she spouts off her list.  I offered to bring Anna back to Dr. Kathy (my OB) and Sara said OK.

** Last night was movie night.  The girls were all settled with their popcorn and drinks.  I was snuggled up on the couch.  I hit play and all hell broke loose.  Anna insisted on turning the big, overhead light on.  Sara wanted it off.  They went back and forth turning it on and off.  Anna is pretty scrappy, she may be young but she will NEVER back down.  Of course MY drink ends up on the floor.  Anna thought the movie was boring, in her defense it was.  She would not stop talking and that made Sara mad.  So she would not stop yelling at Anna telling her she was ruining the movie.  This morning when Chuck was asking the girls about their night Sara was dropping the dime on Anna saying that she "makes movies bad" and that she is never going to watch another one with her again.  For the record, they are in the TV room right now snuggled on the couch together watching a movie.   (As an aside...Sara asked me why people blame someone else when they are the ones that really do it.  I told her sometimes it is hard to take responsibility for something that may not be right or nice.  She told me sometimes she likes to blame Anna for things that she does.  I guess Sara was paying closer attention to me than I thought....ooops!)

**  Last but not least as I was walking up the walkway from grocery shopping the other night.  I could hear the screaming before I got in the door.  The girls were in the tub having a battle royale.  Anna was screaming because she wanted to touch Sara's boobies.  Sara wouldn't let her and poured water on Anna's head.  This battle lasted for a while because neither was backing down.  I finally had to just take them out of the tub and give them popsicles to calm down.

As I write this I hear Sara talking to Chuck listing why she doesn't want Anna to be her sister anymore.  It has something to do with licking the pancake bowl.  It is going to be a long day.  Thank God I am heading to work.

Oh, for those of you the have been following my posts...Erin Time was a dud last night.  The girls went to bed, Chuck was out for the night and I had the house to myself.  I sat on the couch to contemplate what to do with my time and sure enough I dozed off at how times have changed.

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  1. I can't decide if the windows storu or the boobies story is the best. The thing is, I remember making up rules with my brother, and they were so important and needed to br enforced at all times!